Mitochondrial Therapeutics for Neurological Diseases

a solution to mitochondrial dysfunction

Medication-Resistant Epilepsy Affects 1 Million Patients in the U.S.

That’s where Neuroene Therapeutics comes in.

Patented treatment for several disease indications including epilepsy, Parkinson’s, and rare mitochondrial disorders.
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Proprietary VK analogs are orally bioavailable, well tolerated, have excellent brain penetration and half-life.
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Our management and advisory team have achieved countless accolades and recognition in their respective specialties.
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New Mechanisms of Action

Critical Need for Neurological Diseases Treatments

Neurological diseases are diverse. However, a common trait of many neurological diseases is mitochondrial dysfunction. Neuroene Therapeutics has identified a novel class of compounds based on naturally occurring VK whose central naphthoquinone moiety targets mitochondrial health and energetics. There is a significant unmet need across a wide variety of neurological diseases for such a platform.

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